Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal Shower Ideas


Bridal showers are just one of the many customary wedding events, but nevertheless they’re super important and so much fun. We understand how hard it can be to plan or coordinate so many different events prior to the wedding – your energy is low and creativity gone. Well no worries, we’ve made this list of some of our favorite bridal shower ideas to lighten your load! There’s something for every bride to be on this list and we’re confident that she’ll love her shower.

“Pounding” / Baking Party
Pounding” is definitely not what you think! It’s a party in which guests each bring something to fill the bride’s (or person of celebration) pantry. Pounding would be great followed up by a bridal baking party! No need to order food or make reservations, you and your guests will take care of that!

Floral Celebration
Especially in the spring time, a floral bridal shower is just perfect. You could spend time taking a floral arrangement class, making flower crowns, or arranging bouquets that are then party favors!

3. 3. Boozy Brunch
Brunch is always a good idea! Whether you head out or do an at-home brunch, bring on the booze! Mimosas and yummy food are great ways to celebrate the bride to be!

Beachy Bride
Head to the water! Spending time relaxing in the sun or playing in the waves is such a fun and relaxing bridal shower idea! Personalized sunhats or beach towels make great party favors.

Adult PJ Party
Make the classic girls night sleepover more age appropriate with some sophistication, glamour, and drinks, of course! Consider getting a hotel room or matching PJ sets to amp it up. But definitely don’t leave the pizza, movies, or gossip behind!

Festival Inspired
Bring on the twinkle lights, festival fashion, fun food, great music, and good vibes! What’s not to love about a totally bohemian, festival inspired bridal shower?

In-Home Wine & Cooking Class!
Enjoy good food and drinks in the comfort of your own home! Hire a private chef to come teach an intimate cooking class to the bridal party. The ladies will love indulging!

Charity Shower
If the bride to be is particularly selfless, devote her day to helping others! Gather the girls and find a cause to spend the day working for.

Crafty Celebration
Otherwise known as a Pinterest party, this one is for the DIY-ers. Set up tons of crafts and DIY’s, it’s endless entertainment and makes for the best party favors.

“Create Your Own”
There are tons of “create your own” activities that are perfect for bridal showers! Check out local companies for different offerings! Some of our faves include a make your own perfume bar and lipstick labs! It’s a celebration and party favor in one!

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