Engagement Party Ideas

Engagement Party Ideas


The engagement party is one of the first, if not the first, pre-wedding events, so it can be….challenging. Especially if you’re fairly unaccustomed to such events, or party planning in general, planning your engagement party can seem totally unfamiliar. But, we’re here to help make planning and achieving the perfect engagement party totally doable! After all, you’ve got the man of your dreams, and a ring, so it’s time to celebrate this super exciting milestone! Here are 10 amazing and unique engagement party ideas that go beyond the norm!

Check out our post that breaks down pre-wedding festivities (including engagement parties) to get a super easy understanding of the basics, first!

1. Boat Cruise
If you are looking to host your engagement party somewhere totally original (i.e. not a house or restaurant), a boat cruise is perfect for you. We recommend setting sail prior to sunset and planning cocktails and appetizers to enjoy on the water. Complete with nautical decorations for an all-out party!

2. Backyard Bash
It’s not difficult to get out of the house; in fact, an amazing party venue is as close as your backyard. Perfect for the laidback couple, a backyard bash (complete with a bbq, bonfire, outdoor movie, and lawn games) is a super fun choice that screams summer! Look for rustic decorations, and think “glamping” when planning!

3. Cooking Party Dinner
A cooking party dinner is a great way to revamp the classic engagement party dinner. Instead of catering, cooking, or dining out, invite your guests to a cooking party! Either host in-home, or head out to a class! Either way, not only is it less work for you, but your guests will love staying entertained all night. Look into custom aprons or chef hats for a super cute party favor!

4. First Date
A great way to have a super personal engagement party is to plan it based on a special moment in your relationship! The first date is a class go-to, but there are tons of other ways to achieve this, too. Think about what you’re known for as a couple, inside jokes, etc. The super personal touch will make your night that much more special. Include personal touches (photos, notes, memories) on the invitation or as decoration, too!

5. Game Night
Looking for a super fun party? Try a game night! Whether you try a casino theme, do an at-home board game night, or head out to laser tag or an arcade, game nights are great way to celebrate. If guests ask for gift ideas, tell them to gift their favorite game for you play with your growing family.

6. Wine & Cheese Party

Wine and cheese. Cheese and wine. A classic pairing that you cannot go wrong with. Hold your party at a local winery and plan a tour and tasting. Or, do it DIY style and do a tasting/pairing at home! Either way, everyone loves wine and cheese! For a totally on-theme guest book, ask your guests to write their favorite wine (and food pairing if they have it) next to their signature!

7. Celebrity Couples Party

For a couple with a sense of humor, the celebrity couples party will make your night amazing! Ask guests to come as a celebrity couple (this can still work for singles, think Gwyneth Paltrow and green juice, Snooki and fake tan, etc.). Make sure to include a photo booth, or hire a photographer – this party is definitely one you’ll want pictures from!

8. Seaside Seafood Bake
Head to the beach for a seaside seafood bake! This is a great way to enjoy warmer weather if the timing allows, and indulge in tons of yummy food. Here’s a great instructional if you’ve never thrown a clam/seafood bake before! As far as decorations go, think east coast and go for elaborate table settings and family style serving!

9. Rooftop Celebration

Instead of simply dining out and hosting your party at your fav local restaurant, look for a rooftop restaurant or bar! The small difference will truly take your party to the next level, and it’s a great way to make classy parties approachable. You and your guests will love the open air dining and amazing view! Look into creating a signature cocktail to serve, the personal touch will tie everything together!

10. Carnival Night
A carnival inspired night is perfect for a fun and carefree couple! Turn your backyard into a carnival wonderland with tons of fair food, attractions, and games. Instead of invites, send out admission tickets to your engagement party carnival!

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