Party Favors for Every Age!

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If you’ve been a guest at a few parties, then you know that party favors are one of the best parts. Who doesn’t love a few goodies every once in a while? So, you’re definitely going to want to make sure that party favors make an appearance at your upcoming bash. But with so many people to consider, where do you even start?! Right here! We’ve put together a super easy list of the best party favor ideas for every age. There’s something for everyone, so there’s no need to stress. We’ve got you (and your lucky party guests) covered.

For ease, we’ve organized them from “youngest” to “oldest”, but definitely don’t let that restrict you…

1. Toys
Toys are the obvious choice for the younger crews, and for good reason! They provide lasting entertainment, and at a relatively low cost. Our choices include fun sunglasses, inflatables, balls, puzzles, pens, and light up rings. They’re all available in one place, too, so you can easily mix and match to suit your crowd!

2. Leis & Necklaces
Simple, cheap, and effective. Party favors like these pink sparkle leis or these metallic beaded necklaces work great and double as party accessories! Perfect photo op!

3. Do-It-Themselves Party Favors
Everybody loves good DIY, but younger kids and teens especially love getting their hands dirty. Not only will the guests be making their own party favors (win! Less work!), but this will also keep the younger ones thoroughly entertained. It can be as simple as providing string, beads, and letting them do the rest. Other options include cookie decorating, making putty or slime, and homemade body scrub. We recommend you visit Pinterest for more ideas!

4. Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are great for every age because there are so many style options! For more mature guests, try these cheeky ones, or opt for something more innocent for a different crowd. These will certainly ensure your party is remembered.

5. Drink Accessories
Once your guests are above the legal drinking age, definitely consider purchasing drinks and an accompanying accessory! Shot and wine glasses are great, but for bottles and cans check out coolers! Your guests will remember you and your amazing party every time they use these great party favors!

6. Naughty Purse Fillers
Useful and hilarious! These naughty purse fillers are great for party guests with a sense of humor. Every woman should have lip balm and hand sanitizer in her bag – they’re necessities! So do her a favor and give out this “I touched a pecker!” sanitizer and “cheers bitches” lip balm. She’ll thank you for soft lips, clean hands, and some laughs!

7. Personalized / Keepsake Gifts
The most “mature” party favors on our list (and obviously the most expensive), these gifts are great for the ladies you know will treasure them forever. There’s tons of super cute customizable clothing like this rhinestone tank or this silky sash! DIY gifts are another great, personal, party favor. You could make your guests picture frames for their photos from the night, or even some simple jewelry. Check out Pinterest for tons of great ideas!

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